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Where  To Start

        In order to book Making A Project you must have a very clear vision of what you would like your project to look like.

A Clear vision includes , color schemes ,layouts , imaging to be used etc.

We understand that sometimes business owners don’t know where to start.

Making A Project offers Consultations for an hourly rate.  Consultations are held via phone call , through email , or text .

After missing 2 phone consultations you must consult via text or email .

All Services Are Non-Refundable . If You Decide To Book With Making A Project your consultation fee goes toward your service.





After Purchasing your graphics you will  have to fill out our Project development form .If You booked a consultation you will be sent a coupon code ,

to purchase your products with the consultation fee subtracted from your total.

Consultation coupon codes are only valid for 30 days. If you decide to book after 30 days from having a consultation you will purchase your graphic design

service at it’s original cost. Please provide your correct contact information when booking. In The event that your contact info is incorrect or you fail to

to fill out the development form  your services may be canceled or pushed to the end of our que at our discretion  . Orders that wish to remain in our queue must pay an inconvenience fee  .After Purchasing any of our graphic design services you have 7 days to  fill out your form . If You Have Failed to provide your correct contact info you must contact us via email within 48 hours .





Making A Project strives to service all of our clients in a timely manner not being prepared to book takes time away from other projects being completed !

 Product Abandonment will result in your order being cancelled without a refund. However  customers who wish to have their services completed after

they have abandoned their products  must pay an inconvenience fee in order to be re entered into our queue .  Inconvenience fees  are $40  for orders $100

and under and $100 for orders  over $100 . Clients who do not wish to pay the inconvenience fee will have their orders canceled . Meaning the remainder

of your services won't be completed.Product abandonment is failing to provide information after 7 days  for standard services and 1 month of no compliance. Failure to complete your product development  form after 1 month  will result in your order being cancelled as we will assume you no longer wish to be serviced.


Email |






Making A Project Does not work with images that are not HD or professionally shot . Gritty images fail to compliment designs and present brands in the

best way . Making a project will not work with logos that do not have a png file . Editing logo’s that we don’t have the original file to can lower your logos

quality. Making A Project deletes all original files after 30 days. Only original files can be edited in the graphic design industry . If any changes need to be

made to a project after 24 hours each change will be an additional $10. Making a Project will attempt to find solutions for logos and images

that aren’t  suitable ! Consultations are strongly advised!








After purchasing your project you will be presented a sample of your product. 3 Free  revisions are included in your service. After surpassing your free  

revisions each additional revision  is $10. Being very specific  with revisions helps achieve your desired look . 

 EX.“ I would like my logos font to be bolder and changed to a lime green color” . If You refuse to purchase more revisions after utilizing

your 3 free revisions you must choose a previously revised sample . Having A Very clear vision of your want’s and needs is required to book .

Making A Project Will Not consult without a consultation fee . Customers who aren’t prepared to book who failed to purchase a consultation

will have their services canceled without a refund unless an inconvenience fee is paid.Please note that requesting several

revisions can alter your turnaround time. 

Making A project Does not support purchasing services that  aren't  ready to be completed immediately. Making A Project offers consultations for those who don't know what they wish their services to look like .  Making A Project strives to make all Projects

a very easy process. Customers who abandon their products regardless of booking a consultation will not be accommodated .

Product Abandonment will result in your order being cancelled without a refund. However  customers who wish to have their

services completed after they have abandoned their products  must pay an inconvenience fee in order to be re entered into our 

queue .  Inconvenience fees  are $40 for orders $100 an under  and $100 for orders $100 an over. Clients who do not wish to

pay the inconvenience fee will have their orders canceled . Meaning the remainder of your services won't be completed. Product abandonment is when no information is sent to start orders  and never responding to project updates. Consistently changing the theme ion a project will cause your order to be canceled , a inconvenience fee to be paid or , a new service to be booked. Please

note all policies are firm and non-negotiable  . Inconvenience  fees will be applied  automatically to customers who book services

in advance . Inconvenience fees must be paid when you're ready to begin your projects otherwise your order will be canceled.  Product Abandonment Occurs after no response is given after 7 -30 days..







Making A project will not work in a hostile work environment. Examples Of A Hostile work environment include but are not limited too , frequent 

calls outside of business hours , harassment on the owners personal page , public slander, threats , and vulgar language being used .

Will cause your services to be cancelled and possible legal action to be taken .  Making a project does not offer refunds . Updates On services will be

provided as they’re available . Please do not try to rush the design process.





 We Do Not Offer Refunds Unless Agreed Upon Due To Special circumstances . All refunds will be partial due to us utilizing time .Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Making A Project will not issue refunds to customers who have failed to comply to our policies .I

n the event that you have purchased the incorrect service you will be issued a store credit . Your store credit will only be valid for 30 days.





      5-14 Business Days For Standard Services          

Same Day Rush Fees Must Be Purchased for any service to be completed the same day (must be purchased during business hours ) 

      14-30 Business Days For Advanced  Services

      The Turnaround time may  be increased for sale bookings  

      Making A Project isn't responsible for the turnaround time fluctuating due to client communication.

      Services can Be Completed Earlier but guarantees can't be made.                             

       5-10 DAY Shipping Depending  On Location


   If you abandon your services or add on items to your existing order your turnaround time starts from the date of the latest purchase.

What To Do After Booking

Editing Projects 

Revisional process

Revisions /Product abandonment


Turnaround Times

respectful workplace

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