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  • What Files Are Included In My Design?
    The Following files are included in your logo design. Making A Project will not send over PSD/AI files for any designs. Font's will only be disclosed when purchasing a branding kit. JPEG SVG PNG BLACK/WHITE LOGO COPY
  • How Long Do I Have To Send Over Information In Order For You To Start My Graphics?
    Upon booking all clients have 10 days for standard services and 20 days for advanced services to complete their project development form . Completing the project development form after booking is Mandatory. All clients who fail to provide me with any information to start their graphics ( Filling out the project development form) incur a inconvenience fee , or risk order cancellation. (Please refer to our abandonment policy for further clarification)
  • What If I Don't Like My Design?
    Here at Making A Project we strive to meet the unique needs of each client. However , sometimes we may not agree on design needs. Each Project includes 3 Free Revisions which allows you to achieve your desired vision. Please note that revisions are edits/changes not completely new designs. In the event that you surpass your free revisions additional revisions will cost an additional fee($10 Per revision For standard services $20 per revision for advanced services). Please be as descriptive/detailed as possible in your project development form to ease the revision/booking process. Please also note when all designs are approved and uploaded you're no longer eligible for revisions for advanced services. When all files are approved and sent only spelling errors, and minor info can be changed. I.E if you purchased a website design and approved that design , once all work is uploaded you're no longer eligible for revisions. Booking a consultation is mandatory for clients who aren't aware of their brands needs. Please make sure to thoroughly read what's included in your design before booking.
  • Do You Guys Offer Refunds?
    All Sales are final and non-transferable . Partial Refunds will only be granted/agreed upon due to special circumstances ( EX. Customer dissatisfaction) .Having Buyers remorse, having unclear needs, or wishing to use another company is not suitable means for a refund. We expect to complete all orders that are booked .Thus meaning that orders that are abandoned/ canceled by customers aren't excluded from our no refund policy. In the event that the incorrect service is booked a store credit will be issued . In order to be eligible for a store credit customers must alert us within 48 Hours of booking the incorrect service. All store credits are valid for 30 Business Days.
  • Can I Book In Advance ?
    Making A Project doesn't allow clients to book services in advance. Clients must be prepared to book upon booking.
  • Can We Meet Or Consult In Person ?
    Making A Project Can Consult/Meet in person with clients who stay in Dayton, Columbus , and Cincinnati ,Ohio. No additional fees will incur for clients who have scheduled in-person consultations. Clients who have an existing order who wish to meet in person will have to pay a $100 fee. The $100 fee will serve as a same day rush fee for standard services/ a travel fee . The $100 fee must be paid prior to the scheduled meet time . Making A Project will only meet with clients in public spaces ( libraries/coffee shops).
  • Turnaround Times
    5-14 Business Days For Standard Services ( Logos , Business Card Designs, and Flyers ) 14-30 Business Days For Advanced Services ( Websites/Product Label Designs) Sale Turnaround Times can be slightly extended due to an influx of orders. Please note that client communication affects your project completion date. Your turnaround time begins once all suitable information is received for me to complete your graphics. Please note that adding revisions to your order will lengthen the turnaround time. Orders That Are Purchased outside of business hours with a Same Day Rush Fee will be rushed the Following Business Day ​I.E | If a Logo is purchased with a same day rush fee on Sunday , it will be completed during Business Hours on Monday.
  • The Revisional Process
    Making A Project Does not work with images that are not HD or professionally shot . Gritty images fail to compliment designs and present brands in the best way . Making a project will not work with logos that do not have a PNG file . Editing logo’s that we don’t have the original file to can lower your logos quality. Making A Project deletes all original files after 30 days. Only original files can be edited in the graphic design industry . If any changes need to be made to a project after 24 hours each change will be an additional $10 for Standard Services / $20 for Advanced Services. Making a Project will attempt to find solutions for logos and images that aren’t suitable ! 3 Free Revisions are included in all designs. Once you surpass your 3 free revisions each revision is $10 for Standard Services / $20 for Advanced Services. Please try to be as specific as possible with your design request . Revisions are edits to the preexisting draft/drafts . Revisions aren't newly drafted designs. Once website designs are approved for upload no changes can be made to the design.Consultations are strongly advised for new clients who would like to discuss their individualized needs! Making A Project Will Not Copy Another Designers / Company's Design . Designs can be made to a similar aesthetic . Any clients request to recreate another company's design will be denied. No Design WILL BE COPIED .We pride ourselves on integrity and originality and wish to protect our brand by creating original designs.
  • What To Do After Booking
    After Purchasing your graphics booking instructions will be sent via email ( Project development form).If You booked a consultation you will be sent a coupon code to purchase your products with the consultation fee subtracted from your total. Consultation coupon codes are only valid for 30 days. If you decide to book after 30 days from having a consultation you will purchase your graphic design service at it’s original cost. Please provide your correct contact information when booking .After Purchasing any of our graphic design services you have 10 Days for standard services and 20 days for advanced services to fill out the project development form . If You Have Failed to provide your correct contact info you must contact us via email within 1 week . ​
  • How To Begin The Booking Process
    In order to book Making A Project you must have a very clear vision of what you would like your project to look like. A Clear vision includes , color schemes ,layouts , imaging to be used etc. We understand that sometimes business owners don’t know where to start. Making A Project offers Consultations for an hourly rate. Consultations are held via phone call , through email , or text . After missing 2 phone consultations you must consult via text or email . All Services Are Non-Refundable . If You Decide To Book With Making A Project your consultation fee goes toward your service.
  • Same Day Orders
    Same Day Rush Orders That Are Placed Before 3:00PM CST Will Be Completed The Same Day. Orders That Are Placed After That Time or When We're Closed On Observed Holidays Will Be Completed The Following Business Day During Business Hours.
  • Refunds
    We Do Not Offer Refunds Unless Agreed Upon Due To Special circumstances (Partial Refunds Only). A FULL refund will only be granted in the event that I'm not able to create/ start the project due to special circumstances. Having buyers remorse or wanting to use another company instead is not a suitable means for a refund. Making A Project will not issue refunds to customers who have failed to comply to our policies .In the event that you have purchased the incorrect service you will be issued a store credit . Your store credit will only be valid for 30 Days.
  • Consultation Policies
    All Consultation Credits Are Valid For 30 Days. Consultation credits can't be applied to sales that are of equal or lesser value. (EX if your consultation credit is for $50 the service value must be greater than $50. ) Consulation codes also don't apply to any sales/ promotions.Customers who don't book their desired service within 30 Days of booking a consultation will not receive a coupon code for there consultation.
  • Product Abandonment /Ghosting
    Product Abandonment/Ghosting will result in order cancellation without refund. Product abandonment occurs after a client has failed to fill out their project development form within 10 Days of booking for standard services /20 days for advanced services . Abandonment is also failing to respond to an update within 10 Days. After you fall into any of the previously mentioned categories , your order is considered abandoned. Customers who wish to have their services completed after abandoning their order must pay an inconvenience fee in order to be reentered into our que. The Inconvenience Fee is $50 for standard services and $100 for advanced services. After 30 Days of abandonment , it is assumed your order is no longer of interest to you ,you will no longer be able to book, and your order will be canceled without a refund.
  • Respectful Workplace
    Making A project will not work in a hostile work environment. Examples Of A Hostile work environment include but are not limited to , frequent calls outside of business hours , harassment on the owners personal page , public slander, defamation of character, threats , and vulgar language being used . Any of the previously mentioned actions will cause your services to be terminated immediately ( No further work will be done nor edited) without refund and possible legal action to be taken . Clients who create a hostile work environment will be banned from booking indefinitely. Making a project does not offer refunds . Updates On services will be provided as they’re available . Please do not try to rush the design process. ​

Last Updated 01/1/2024

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